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Offering you

A Wealth of Advice

Offering you A Wealth of Advice

Our priority is to help you find ways to live a rich life.

We understand the importance of managing your wealth, finance for local and international individuals & businesses. Our global services will allow you to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the financial world.

Ready to take control of your finances and secure your future, no matter where you live in the world?

Claim your guide to why non-US investors should invest in the United States.

      AchieveYour Financial Goals

      Premia Global Advisors is committed to being a valuable advisor throughout your journey. From building upon your wealth to optimizing your financial plan to sustaining your legacy, we work with you to construct a goals-based strategy that encompasses your current lifestyle desires and your future financial needs.


      Everything Wealth Management

      Our priority is to deliver independent and innovative advice to our clients.

      Holistic wealth management solutions on a global scale, combining strategic financial planning and investment for sustained prosperity.
      At Premia Global Advisors, we offer financial guidance across borders to optimize your international investments and financial strategies.
      We offer diversified portfolio management strategies designed to optimize returns in the ever-evolving global investment landscape.

      Tailored solutions for efficient global pension administration comprehensive management and compliance with international standards.

      Dedicated wealth management services focused on navigating the intricacies of the United States financial landscape for optimal financial outcomes.

      Customized investment strategies designed to navigate international markets and capitalize on global opportunities.

      Specialized financial planning services catering to the unique needs of expatriates, ensuring seamless wealth management during transitions.
      Comprehensive retirement planning services to secure your financial future, personalized to align with your retirement goals and aspirations.
      The Global 360 F.O.R.M.ula integrates wealth, debt, liquidity, cash flow, and estate management, together with financial planning.

      Build Your WealthFrom Anywhere in the World

      Premia Global Advisors helps investors worldwide strategically build and grow their wealth, and navigate the complexities of global financial markets.

      Ready to Support YouFor Global Financial Advice

      Solutions for Institutional Clients

      Premia’s team has longstanding experience working with institutional clients and their particular set of complex needs. From offshore entities to global players with interests in multiple geographies, institutional investors can turn to Premia as a resourceful partner who seeks to anticipate the challenges faced by cross-border investing and finance.

      Solutions for Individuals & Families

      Premia Global Advisors is the trusted choice for wealthy individuals and their families, offering comprehensive and discreet financial management. With a focus on multi-jurisdictional solutions and multi-generational planning, Premia tailors customized financial plans and investment portfolios to align with clients’ objectives and risk tolerance.


      Global 360 F.O.R.M.ula

      Family | Occupation | Recreation | Money

      Our process integrates wealth, debt, liquidity, cash flow, and estate management, together with financial planning. Each plan is unique. We spend time to understand and discover what your individual goals and desires are. We then design a customized program tailored to those needs, and through our proprietary process we can deploy your individual plan. Through constant adjustment and monitoring of critical life and financial events, we keep your plan on track.

      About the Company

      Premia Global Advisors was founded by Miguel Sosa, who has spent more than 30 years working with families and institutions to address a full range of financial challenges as their Financial Advisor. His success and experience drive Premia Global Advisors’ focus on personalized service and in-depth customization through strategic partnerships. Using detailed knowledge about the financial and investment industry, the Premia team spends significant time with clients and their families to discuss priorities and, most importantly, their values.

      This information is used to craft customized solutions and financial plans that at once allay your concerns while optimizing the opportunity to achieve your objectives.

      Founding Partner

      OurTeam Members

      Client Relationship Manager

      Financial Planning Manager

      Risk, Ethics, and Compliance Advisor


      How Our ServicesWork For You

      Financial Planning

      • Probability of Success Planning
      • “What if” Scenarios
      • Cash Flow Projections
      • Philanthropy
      • Generational Planning
      • Legacy & Trust Planning
      • Liquidity Management
      • Liability Management
      • Generational Education

      Investment Management

      • Investment Policy
      • Risk Assessment
      • Stress Testing the Portfolio
      • Asset Allocation
      • Portfolio Analysis
      • Investment Selection
      • Supervision & Rebalancing
      • Alternative Investments
      • Socially Responsible Investing

      Investor Services

      • Customized Reporting
      • Multi-Custodian
      • Portfolio Management
      • Risk Hedging
      • Coordination
      • Accessibility to Client Portal

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