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All About the Company

Premia Global Advisors was founded by Miguel Sosa, who has spent more than 30 years working with families and institutions to address a full range of financial challenges as their Financial Advisor. His success and experience drive Premia Global Advisors’ focus on personalized service and in-depth customization through strategic partnerships. Using detailed knowledge about the financial and investment industry, the Premia team spends significant time with clients and their families to discuss priorities and, most importantly, their values.

This information is used to craft customized solutions and financial plans that at once allay your concerns while optimizing the opportunity to achieve your objectives.

Founding Partner

Our Team Members

Client Relationship Manager

Financial Planning Manager

Risk, Ethics, and Compliance Advisor

Founder of UnconstrainedThought

Our Commitment & Values

At the heart of our philosophy lies an unwavering dedication to prioritizing our clients. We uphold the principles of Trustworthiness, Dependability, and Forthrightness, ensuring a solid foundation for our relationships. Backed by ample resources, we stand poised to consistently deliver on this commitment.

Our Team

Boasting over 40 years of advisory experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge in serving individuals, families, and institutions. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals is adept at integrating experience, resources, and independence to facilitate prompt responses and effective decision-making for our clients.

Independent and Fiduciary Excellence

Embracing independence and a fiduciary mindset, we offer an open platform of investment options, continually seeking new and innovative ideas. Providing a single point of contact and dialogue, we believe that the impact of our work with clients is more profound within the intimate setting of a smaller firm than in a larger organization.

Strategic Process

Our focus centers on delivering a consistent and comprehensive experience to a select group of clients, ensuring tailored outcomes. Through established processes and procedures, we maintain a network of professionals collaborating directly with our clients and their unique needs. Our commitment to highly customized solutions allows us to outsource specific aspects of the relationship when it enhances overall effectiveness, such as individual components of the portfolio.
Premia Global Advisors, LLC